Trailer: Horror/war movie Tank 432, executive produced by Ben Wheatley

Tank 432 Ben Wheatley Nick Gillespie

Director Ben Wheatley is building a good fan base for himself, impressing audiences with films like KILL LIST, SIGHTSEERS, and A FIELD IN ENGLAND. His latest film, HIGH-RISE, was just recently released on VOD and will reach U.S. theatre screens this Friday, the 13th. Wheatley wasn't at the helm of the upcoming horror film TANK 432, but he did serve as an executive producer on the film and his name is drawing some extra attention to what appears to be an interesting project.

TANK 432 was written and directed by Nick Gillespie, who worked in the camera department on all of those aforementioned Wheatley films. A "knife-edged thriller" that has been intriguingly described as a blend of DOG SOLDIERS and JACOB'S LADDER, Gillespie's film is about 

a band of mercenary soldiers battling to escape a mysterious, unseen enemy.

On the run and with nowhere to hide, a group of soldiers and their two prisoners take cover from a mysterious enemy inside an abandoned military war tank. Whilst they try to keep the forces outside at bay, secrets are uncovered and little do they realise the real enemy is already among them, locked inside Tank 432.

A trailer has debuted online for TANK 432 and can be seen below. It certainly looks like things get intense over the course of the film, and that odd creature who flashes by definitely has my attention.

TANK 432 will be screening at the Cannes Film Festival later this month and is set to reach DVD in the UK on August 22nd.

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