Trailer launch & live stream web-chat with Milla Jovovich for Resident Evil: Retribution this Thursday!

Once again, it's Milla time!

This Thursday, June 14th, event production and streaming company NowLive will host a live webchat with Milla Jovovich in the lead up to the trailer premiere of RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION. Sweet beans!

The event is going down in NYC (Regal Union Square Cinemas), at which AITH will be present. The shindig does down at 8:00 AM EST, 11:00 PST. ScreenCrush.com’s Jordan Hoffman will be moderating.

Fans will be able to attend the event by logging on to the Resident Evil Facebook Page and printing out an invitation; admittance will be granted on a first come first serve basis. Fans at home can log on to the Facebook page to watch the Q&A live; the event is being translated into ten languages worldwide.

You can also check back in right here, where we'll likely have the live-feed embedded on our site for you to scope out. I'm of the opinion we all need a little more Milla in our lives, it'd be foolish to miss out on such a cool event.

RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION is served September 14th.

Extra Tidbit: You gonna tune or what?
Source: NowLive



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