Trailer: Outlaws pursue a woman through the wilderness in Rust Creek

Rust Creek Hermione Corfield Jen McGowan

A few months ago, we shared the news that IFC Midnight had acquired the U.S. distribution rights to director Jen McGowan's thriller RUST CREEK and were planning to release the film in January of 2019. Now we know exactly when you'll have a chance to watch it in the U.S.

IFC Midnight will be releasing the film in theatres and on VOD on January 4th.

Scripted by Julie Lipson and based on a story by producer Stu Pollard of Lunacy Productions, RUST CREEK stars Hermione Corfield as 

an ambitious, overachieving college senior with a seemingly bright future. While on her way to a job interview, a wrong turn leaves her stranded deep in the frozen Kentucky woods, where she’s punished by the elements and pursued by a band of ruthless outlaws. With nowhere left to run, she is forced into an uneasy alliance with an enigmatic loner with shadowy intentions.

Also in the cast are Jay Paulson, Sean O'Bryan, John Marshall Jones, Micah Hauptman, Daniel R. Hill, and Jeremy Glazer.

The trailer for RUST CREEK can be seen below, along with the poster art. I'm always up to check out a new backwoods thriller, and this one seems promising. I'll have to give it a look sometime.



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