Trailer released for Night of the Living Dead 4K restoration

Night of the Living Dead George A. Romero Russ Streiner Judith O'Dea

A trailer has arrived online for a film most of us, if not all of us, have probably already seen by now, George A. Romero's immortal classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. There have been innumerable releases of NIGHT since it made its premiere forty-nine years ago, but the upcoming theatrical re-release is a very important one, as it restores the film to the quality originally intended.

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD has been given a 4K restoration, and Janus Films has booked screenings of the restoration in theatres all over the United States throughout the month of October. The list of theatres and dates can be seen on the Janus Films website.

The restoration was funded by the George Lucas Family Foundation and the Celeste Bartos Fund for Film Preservation. Romero oversaw the process, along with his partners in the production company Image Ten. The work was done by Cineric Inc. in New York City and Audio Mechanics in Burbank, California.

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD tells the story of 

a disparate group of individuals who take refuge in an abandoned house when corpses begin to leave the graveyard in search of fresh human bodies to devour. The pragmatic Ben does his best to control the situation, but when the reanimated bodies surround the house the other survivors begin to panic. As any semblance of order within the group begins to dissipate, the zombies start to find ways inside -- and one by one, the living humans become the prey of the deceased ones.

Check out the film's new trailer below:

Extra Tidbit: Will you be attending a 4K screening?
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