Trailer: Slasher counts down the Minutes to Midnight

Minutes to Midnight Christopher Olen-Ray

THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHT didn't set the box office on fire when it was released earlier this year, but it's still getting a major nod in the marketing for director Christopher Olen-Ray's upcoming slasher movie MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT. While the film itself is being described as being "in the tradition of THE STRANGERS", the poster art sports the tagline "Pray these strangers don't come calling."

I'm surprised they didn't put "tonight" at the end of that, just so they could get the words strangers, pray/prey, and night all in there.

Written by Victoria Dadi and Christopher M. Don, MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT has the following synopsis: 

What happens when a night of fun turns into a night of horror?  Seven friends and a mysterious backpacker converge at a desolate ski lodge in the mountains and as the clock begins the countdown to the New Year, they discover that the end of the old year may be the end of all their years as they are systematically hunted down by ruthless masked men with a deadly agenda.

The film stars William Baldwin, Richard Grieco, Bill Moseley, John Hennigan, Dominique Swain, Viva Bianca, Jared Cohn, and Christopher Judge.

While the STRANGERS-referencing marketing is amusing, MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT does appear to be the sort of movie I would like to watch. The trailer promises some solid slasher action, and I'm always on the look-out for another slasher to watch.

Uncork'd Entertainment will be giving the film a VOD release on July 3rd, with a DVD release to follow on September 4th.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT?



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