Trailer teases Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains

Paulo Biscaia Filho Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains

Brazil-based filmmaker Paulo Biscaia Filho got his start in the entertainment business with the formation of the theatre company Vigor Mortis, his modern revival of Grand Guignol. He made a cinematic adaptation of the Vigor Mortis play MORGUE STORY: BLOOD, BLOWFISH, AND COMICS in 2009, and followed that up in 2012 with a film entitled NERVO CRANIANO ZERO.

A chance meeting with Austin, Texas-based screenwriter Gary Gannaway at a horror film festival has led to the pair teaming up for VIRGIN CHEERLEADERS IN CHAINS, a project described as "a fresh take on the horror/slasher genre".

The synopsis: 

Shane and Chloe are frustrated writers because Hollywood isn’t taking their calls, so they decide to make their own movie. I mean, how hard can it be?

Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains will be a no budget slasher movie. Since the writers don’t know anything about making a movie, they buy Movie Making for Morons and set to work.

First they enlist their roomies: Chloe’s stoner brother, Billy, and Marcus, yuppie business major. Then they cast their head cheerleader in a local strip club. Amber turns out to be a huge asset to the team – two assets, actually.

Getting the money is a real problem. (Isn’t it always?) They crowd fund, hold an investor party, and finally throw down their credit cards and from Billy a gallon freezer bag of weed.

Their big break comes when horror icon Mike Beale (remember the ‘80s classics Maine Machete Massacre and Maine Maniac?) signs on for points on the backend. Mike also has the perfect location for Act III – an abandoned orphanage where only his Uncle Albert and Otto live with two Dobermans.

Arriving at sunset, they shoot one scene in the basement before retiring for the night. But when Chloe and Amber discover a sub-basement and in it depravity beyond belief, their night becomes a nightmare.

It will be the longest night of their lives, and for most, the last.

The international production is in its early stages, but a teaser trailer has been assembled for it, and while you can tell the budget was low, it doesn't look like it was too low. There's some well captured imagery in there that bodes well for the finished film.

VIRGIN CHEERLEADERS IN CHAINS will star Kelsey Pribilski, Zeke Swinford, Elizabeth Maxwell, Don Daro, and stuntman / B-movie legend Gary Kent, whose credits include the 1973 film SCHOOLGIRLS IN CHAINS.

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