Trailer: Using a Ouija board leads to a Hell of a Night

Hell of a Night Brian Childs

Writer/director Brian Childs' feature debut HELL OF A NIGHT is now available to watch on iTunes, YouTube, Vudu, Google Play, Fandango Now, VOD, and Amazon, and to mark the occasion we have the film's trailer embedded below.

HELL OF A NIGHT's journey to the screen began several years ago. After a couple years of not being able to raise the funds to make the feature, Childs decided to shoot the opening scene as a short film so he could show that to potential investors. The short involved 

Gabbie & Heidi, two sisters bored on a Friday night after a giant rain storm destroys their evening party plans, decide to play a game involving a ouija board. Thinking that it's just a game, Heidi is convinced she can scare Gabbie, when she gets more than she bargained for, awaking a long dormant house full of ghosts.

There are glimpses of that short / opening scene in the trailer. Soon after shooting the opening Childs was able to make the full feature, which has the following synopsis: 

Blake, in the recent loss of her dad, needs some time to herself and rents a farm cabin to get away. She quickly finds out she's not alone, not safe, and not prepared for the night ahead.

Rachael Hevrin, Grace Powell, Ella Taylor, Kaylee King, Kristin McKenzie Rice, Deborah Kay Hooker, Tori Carew, Jordyne Visser, and Jack Emmell star.

Childs produced HELL OF A NIGHT alongside Tony DeBenedetto, Justin O'Neill, Ginger Lee Owens, and Juan Salas.

Check out the trailer below, and if you like what you see there are several ways to watch HELL OF A NIGHT today.

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