Trailer: Werewolves, vampires, and Lohan collide Among the Shadows

Among the Shadows Tiago Mesquita Lindsay Lohan

It's been three years since we heard that Lindsay Lohan would be starring in a werewolf movie titled THE SHADOW WITHIN, and while there's still no word on when the film might be getting a release, a trailer and poster have arrived online, sporting the new title AMONG THE SHADOWS.

Also, cast member Gianni Capaldi has been quoted by Dread Central as saying that not only does the story involve a werewolf, but there are also vampires in the mix.

The film stars Charlotte Beckett as 

Kristy Wolfe, a Brussels private eye descended from werewolves who must go to work when her uncle Harry Goldtsone is murdered in a politically-motivated attack. Patricia Sherman (Lohan), the wife of European Federation President Richard Sherman, hires Wolfe to investigate Goldstone’s killing, as he was her husband’s campaign manager. Wolfe finds bodies falling all over city and must use her innate instincts to unravel the case and stay alive long enough unmask the conspiracy.

AMONG THE SHADOWS was directed by Tiago Mesquita from a screenplay by Mark Morgan. VMI Worldwide will be presenting the film to potential distributors at the European Film Market next month, so hopefully there will be some release date news to report soon.

The trailer doesn't make it look all that appealing to me, but there's no way I'm not going to be watching a movie that has werewolves, vampires, and Lindsay Lohan in it.



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