Transformers producer brings Exorcist-themed series to TV: The Exorcist Handbook

Fresh off the news that THE EXORCIST is being remade for a TV mini-series comes news on yet another exorcist-themed TV series heading our way.

I kid you not folks. Coming in from the same article over at Vulture, we've got TRANSFORMERS and REAL STEEL producer Don Murphy teaming with Susan Montford and her AngryFilms banner to bring us "The Exorcist Handbook." Now while you might be thinking this project is based on Josephine McCarthy's novel you see to the right... it's not, or so says Murphy:

"This is an original series, not another remake. It's all about the main character, who [only] became an exorcist to help the woman he loves. It's going to be intense and scary.”

Original? Really? Well it's worth a shot, right? The producer has even gone and hired a legit Jesuit priest to help consult on the project! Sh*t is going down folks!

We'll of course be keeping our eyes and ears open for more on "The Exorcist Handbook" and as soon as that shite comes our way we'll be right here to tell you about it.

REAL STEEL's Evangeline Lilly
Extra Tidbit: THE EXORCIST was the first horror movie ever to be nominated for the Best Picture Oscar.
Source: Vulture



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