Trevor Cornish to direct Jordan McCloskey's Ghostpuncher

Commercial/TV/short film director Trevor Cornish has signed on to make his feature debut with a movie that had me sold as soon as I read its title, GHOSTPUNCHER.

Written by actor/comedian Jordan McCloskey, GHOSTPUNCHER is described as "EVIL DEAD 2 meets POLTERGEIST" and tells the story of 

a single father and his son who move into a house that is EXTREMELY haunted by three spirits known as The Collombelles (a mother and her two daughters who were serial killers in 1897.)

At first the ghosts are playful and harmless, but when the spirits become menacing, eventually possessing dad, the son turns to the ONLY place he can think of for help... THE INTERNET.

There he finds a desperate, down and out exorcist calling himself the "Ghostpuncher" who claims to have a gift that allows him to PUNCH ghosts and send them BACK to the netherworld. He is willing to perform this exorcism, for a price of course, but quickly discovers the ghosts in the house won't go down without a bloody fight.

One man, three ghosts, two fists.

Gabriel Napora is producing GHOSTPUNCHER with McCloskey, so it would be logical to assume that his company Tiyabella Visual Effects will be handling the ghost-fighing action.

This project sounds awesome to me, I can't wait to watch those three ghosts get their faces punched in.

Extra Tidbit: Are you looking forward to GHOSTPUNCHER?



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