Troll-like creatures are on the loose in Swedish thriller Stallo

Swedish director Mikael Marcimain, whose last film CALL GIRL made a splash at the Toronto Film Festival, has signed on to direct the adaptation of Stefan Spjut's bestseller STALLO, which concerns children-abducting half-human half troll creatures! We love it already.

Here's the lengthy synopsis for the book:

The Summer of 1978. A boy disappears without a trace from a summer cabin in the Dalecarlian woods of Sweden. His mother claims that he was abducted by a giant. The boy is never found.

1987, Sarek National Park in Laponia. A wildlife photographer takes a strange picture from his small airplane, of a bear running over the marshes. On its back sits a creature, not human and not animal. The photographer claims he has taken a picture of a troll.

2004, Kiruna, Laponia. Susso runs a cryptozoology web page, involving herself in the search of trolls. An obsession she inherited from her grandfather, the well-known wildlife photographer. When an old woman claims that a small odd looking person has been standing outside her house, observing her and her four year old grandson for hours, Susso picks up her camera and leaves for a terrifying adventure into the unknown.

Because there really are trolls out there. And they take our children.

The story has earned comparisons to SALEM'S LOT and LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, which piques our interest even further. Stockholm-based company Bob Film will finance the international production, which doesn't have a set start date yet (although it looks like it won't commence until at least 2014).

Extra Tidbit: Are trolls the new zombies?
Source: Variety



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