Tron: Legacy writers set to tackle Rex Mundi for producer Johnny Depp

Sounding like a cross between INDIANA JONES and the recent SHERLOCK HOLMES reboot, REX MUNDI is a comic book series that Warner Bros. and Johnny Depp's production company, Infinitum Nihil, are working on bringing to the big screen. Though the rights to the series was purchased by Warners in 2006, there's been little significant movement on the project. Until today...

Warners has hired TRON: LEGACY scribes Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal to adapt REX MUNDI. There are six books in the series, but you'd have to imagine they're focused on the first book, called "The Guardian of the Temple".

The synopsis: Paris, 1933. Europe is still in the grip of feudalism, sorcerers stalk the streets at night, and secret societies vie for power. Welcome to the world of Rex Mundi.

When a medieval scroll disappears from a Paris church, Doctor Julien Saunière investigates, uncovering a series of horrific ritual murders and an ancient secret society. Julien cannot let these shadowy figures retreat into the darkness, lest they kill again. His investigation turns into a one-man quest to uncover the deepest secrets of Christianity.

No director has been attached yet, nor is there a tentative release date. We'll keep you in the loop inregards to both, however.

TRON: LEGACY's Olivia Wilde

Extra Tidbit: FIGHT CLUB screenwriter Jim Uhls was the first scribe on board REX MUNDI.
Source: THR



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