True Blood's Deborah Ann Woll, Walking Dead's Logan Miller enter The Maze

Deborah Ann Woll

Finished working on INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 4, which we won't get to see until next January, THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN director Adam Robitel is already lining up his next genre project, an "elevated psychological thriller" from Sony called THE MAZE.

Scripted by Maria Melnik, a staff writer on American Gods who was working from an earlier draft written by Bragi F. Schut, THE MAZE draws comparisons to the 1997 David Fincher film THE GAME with its story of 

six strangers who find themselves in circumstances beyond their control and must use their wits to survive.

Robitel is already starting to assemble the cast who will join him in South Africa for the production. Among the actors who will (I assume) be playing some of those six strangers are True Blood's Deborah Ann Woll, The Walking Dead's Logan Miller, and Taylor Russell, who will soon be seen in Netflix's new version of Lost in Space.

Woll's other credits include the Netflix/Marvel shows Daredevil, The Defenders, and The Punisher. Miller was in SCOUTS GUIDE TO THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE and recently worked with Blumhouse on the thriller PREY.

THE MAZE is being produced by Neal Moritz and Ori Marmur through Original Films. 

This sounds intriguing so far, but I'm going to have to hear more before I can really figure out how interested I am in it.

Extra Tidbit: How does THE MAZE sound to you?
Source: THR



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