TV Review: Ash vs Evil Dead: Season 3 - Episode 5

TV Ash vs Evil Dead: Season 3 - Episode 5
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Season 3, Episode 5: Baby Proof

SUMMARY: Ash's (Bruce Campbell) trip to Ruby's lair puts him in the crosshairs of his latest bundle of joy.

REVIEW: One of the things I’m liking about “Ash vs Evil Dead” season three is how contained it is. We’re about halfway through the season now, and everything up to this point really does feel like half a story without too many digressions. Last season was good, but it felt episodic. This feels like part of a big, focused narrative, with the main part of the story centering around Ash and Brandy (Arielle Carver-O’Neill).

This episode stays pretty tight on the two threads established last week, with Ash finding Ruby’s (Lucy Lawless) lair and the baby she made with his DNA, complete with a tiny chainsaw growing out of his arm. The other thread is Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) trying to save the now possessed Pablo (Ray Santiago), with him fighting a battle of his own in the afterlife, with his Brujo uncle able to help him regain control of his powers so he can become a super Brujo in his own right.

Overall, it’s another fun episode, with the highlight being Ash’s battles with the baby, and some more, clever gory humor when the baby decapitates the woman Ruby kidnapped to nurse him, and burro’s his way into her body using her as a meat puppet. There’s even some Three Stooges-style bowling ball humor, although they go into orifices Larry, Curly and Moe would have steered clear of.

Meanwhile, it was nice to see the Pablo/Kelly “will they or won’t they” thing get resolved, with her kissing the now buff Pablo when he comes back as a Brujo,and it’ll be nice to see Pablo become a fun, less tortured character again now that he’s free of Ruby. That said, is Kelly the next one to get taken over? Her big leg wound doesn’t look great, and with her on the way to confront Ruby at the end, I’m not sure things will end well for her.

It all ties together in a solid ending, where the town sheriff now thinks Ash is a kidnapper (which he kinda is I guess) and Brandy firmly on his side. Again, it was a very decent episode and season three continues to shape-up nicely. Still, I’m concerned about the recent news that this may be the end of the road for old Ash. Hopefully people will stop pirating it and find a legal way to check it out and give it some views so it makes sense for Starz to keep it going.



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