TV REVIEW: Supernatural, Season 10, Episode 11 (There's no place like home)!

EPISODE: "There's no place like home"

THE PLOT: Charlie (Felicia Day) returns from the Land of Oz (yeah, you heard me) split in two. The bad side of her is chasing her parents’ killer while the good side of her tries to stop her. The Winchester Bros eventually get in the mix and of course there’s Dean (Jensen Ackles) dealing with the Mark’s sinister influence…  


What's up bitches! She's back!

THE DEALIO: And Charlie returns! Who’s not happy!? In every episode of Supernatural she has appeared in geek girl gone Oz Charlie (brilliantly played by Felicia Day) evolved in some way. Further layers are added from one episode to the next as she changes (although her "Bitches” derived tag lines are thankfully always a constant). In this episode we get to know way more about Charie's background and the ins and outs of her parents deadly accident.

Felicia Day really got to stretch and shine here as she tackled two versions of her character: a pure good one and an ass-kicking evil one (which funnyly enough often made more sense to me in terms of her logic than the "good" one). Although Day did fine with both incarnations she knocked it out of the park as the evil Charlie showcasing edge, tight fighting skills and a compelling chemistry with Jensen Ackles (Dean).

I love watching Dean go "punch" happy!

Speaking of Dean, his subplot was also gripping and went hand in hand with Charlie’s f-ed up disposition. I esteemed the humor that came with it when it came to Dean's attempts at staying away from bad things (like junk food, loose women and booze) in the hopes that it will keep the effects of the Mark at bay. Dean’s inner journey was parallel to Charlie’s as well. Good Charlie had to find a way to keep her dark side in control and Dean pretty much went through the same thing but in a different way.

One of my favorite scenes in this episode was Dean and Charlie’s tete a tete i.e. mental warfare in a bar. Two “bad ones” going at it! Loved it! Tag to that a handful of visceral fight scenes (the Dean Vs. Charlie one had me by the balls, I did find it odd that Charlie had the upper hand for so long though - I mean, this is Dean with the Mark on his side after all) and a moving cap-off (all about Charlie forgiving Dean, sniffles) and you get an overall solid episode.

Let's have Sam do more than "this" please!

If I had any complaints here it would be that poor Sam (played by Jared Padelecki and his money hair) hasn’t had lots to do in the last two episodes but stand around with mouth agape or try to cheer Dean on to beat the Mark. I really felt it in this one, throw Padelecki a freeing bone already guys, get him laid on in a fist fight or something! He deserves more meat to chew on. Finally, I always had problems with the “Oz is real" plotline. It was cheesy the last time the show tackled it and it was cheesy now. But hey that’s just me! On the whole, I had lots of fun with this one, even though I'm jonesing for them to dive deeper into the Mark plot line...

PS: The next episode looks like it’s going to be a gimmicky one (Dean becomes a teen?) Am I alone in missing the “monster of the week” episodes? I’d take one of those right now over a yuck-yuck, wink-wink one. What about you? Talk to me! See ya next week fellow Hunters!


Extra Tidbit: Did you get that Guardians of the Galaxy wink?



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