TV REVIEW: Supernatural, Season 10, Episode 14 (The Executioner's Song)!

EPISODE: "The Executioner's Song"

THE PLOT:  Cain (Timothy Omundson) is back on the scene and he’s whacking peeps like it’s going out of style. So this is Dean’s chance to A- Get answers from him in terms of the mark or/and B- Take him out.  On her end Rowena (Ruth Connell) keeps playing Crowley (Mark Sheppard) for a fool. 


Cain Vs. Dean! Place your bets!

THE DEALIO:  All right, we’re in the ring for the main event once again! After 3 monsters of the week episodes, Supernatural dived back into its main Season storyline The Mark of Cain with somewhat mixed results. On the upside it was groovy to see the whole gang back together even if it was just for a little while. The scene that had Dean, Sam, Castiel (how I missed thee) and Crowley all together had me smiling from ear to ear. At this late stage in the game, all the actors have to do is be in the same room together and the chemistry kicks in hardcore. I want more of that jive!

On that, this was Dean’s episode through and through. Thankfully, Jensen Ackles was beyond on top of his game here putting out an intense and tortured performance. Ackles spoke volume via a glance and body language. I was riveted to the screen. And if I go by the end of the episode, it looks like we’re in for more “Dean goes bad” shenanigans. Dude’s about to break (or he actually just broke and is covering it up) and I have a feeling that what he will become will make “Deanmon” look like a bitch. Finally, it was swell to see Timothy Omundson doing his thing as Cain once again. His encounter with Dean had me on the edge of my edge. Both actors played off each other ideally. I was surprised that they took Cain out so early though. I was hoping he’d be in a couple more episodes before his swan song… oh well… 

Can the King of Hell get his balls back already and send his momma to the gallows?!!!

Now before I go on, I got to get this out of my system: Am I alone in feeling REALLY bad for our favorie King of Hell Crowley these days?  Not only is he being manipulated by that cold-hearted Rowena (I so love to hate her) but in this episode he got played and slammed by Dean too! ENOUGH! All of this abuse better result in Crowley losing his shit and becoming a hardcore villain again.  Ahhhh… I feel better now. Lets move on! On the bummer side of the coin; the show wasn’t 100% clear as to why Cain lost his shit (specially since he didn’t have the mark anymore); a more thorough explanation would have been swell. And for the first time in a Supernatural episode I noticed two technical things that didn’t work for me: 1- Often enough the stock music they put behind scenes didn’t add to said scene or even fit with the action. 2- The editing during the Dean Vs. Cain fight was awful. So many close-shots, I hardly saw the fight.

Overall I enjoyed the episode, even with its flaws and now I’m really curious and anxious to see what happens to poor Dean. NOTE: You guys all caught that the show will now air on Wednesdays after Arrow (no relation) right? Just making sure! Later guys and dolls! 


Extra Tidbit: I saw the end of The Flash before Supernatural, looks like a shitty show to me!



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