TV spot roundup! Dark Knight Rises, Abe Lincoln, Prometheus and Expendables 2!

We've got a nice little batch of brand new TV spots for you today; well, three new spots and one "sizzle reel" of sorts for the summer's most anticipated film.

First up, a new ad for Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS, which creepily uses "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" to its advantage. PROMETHEUS opens on JUNE 8th.

Next, a new ad for THE EXPENDABLES 2; prepare your asses for a kicking. THE EXPENDABLES 2 opens on AUGUST 17th.

Here's a new one-minute spot for ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER; flick has certainly been looking better as of late, it comes out on JUNE 22nd:

Finally, here's some footage from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES; it aired for the first time last night during the MTV Movie Awards, and now it's here for your viewing pleasure; plenty of AWESOME new peeks at the highly anticipated sequel within! Warner Bros. unleashes Christopher Nolan's grand finale on JULY 20th.

Extra Tidbit: Which of these new ads gets your blood pumping the most?
Source: AITH



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