Twilight producers set to bring sci-fi revenge thriller Head Smash graphic novel to life

From one genre comic adaptation to another...

Moments after telling you about SHADOWMAN, it now seems TWILIGHT producers Mark Morgan and Michael Becker have united with Vladar Co. to bring the Arcana Comics graphic novel HEAD SMASH to the silver screen. Yet to hit the presses, apparently HEAD SMASH is a sci-fi, kidnap, revenge thriller that may very well be worth keeping tabs on around these parts.

In fact, HEAD SMASH is a thriller that revolves around a loyal soldier of the brutal crime syndicate Horde, who armed with a serum that gives him superhuman strength, seeks revenge against the group that betrays him and takes his family.

Horde? Serums? Superhuman strength? Nothing wrong with those.

Initially introduced as SDCC this summer, the first 10 pages of the first edition were unveiled at NYCC yesterday. The Vladar Co.'s Vlad Yudin and Edwin Mejia are spearheading the flick and comic, here's what Yudin had to say about the project:

"It's a gritty story with a lot of action that is really visual and lends itself well to both a graphic novel and a feature."

Let's hope he's right!

Extra Tidbit: I wanna HEAD SMASH the current boyfriend of TWILIGHT'S Ash Green (above), whoever he is.
Source: Variety



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