Twilight Time unveils art, specs for Charles Bronson movie 10 to Midnight

Charles Bronson is one of cinema's ultimate badasses and he made a lot of great movies, but for my money one of the most purely entertaining entries on his filmography is 1983's 10 TO MIDNIGHT, directed by his frequent collaborator J. Lee Thompson.

In the film, which teeters on the edge of the horror genre and took inspiration from the true crime case of Richard Speck, Bronson's hard-boiled LAPD detective Leo Kessler is pitted against Gene Davis as hilariously whacked-out serial killer Warren Stacy. Davis really steals the show, making one wish he had gone on to a much bigger career.

10 TO MIDNIGHT is very deserving of a special edition Blu-ray release, and one is coming from Twilight Time. With a release date of September 8th, 2015 and a pre-order time of Wednesday, August 26th at 4pm EST (if you want the disc, you'd be wise to be on Twilight Time's website at this time, because their releases are limited and sell out quickly), this underrated classic will be hitting Blu with the following special features:

Isolated Score Track (with some effects) 

Audio Commentary with Producer Pancho Kohner, Casting Director John Crowther, and Film Historian David Del Valle 

Radio Spots 

Original Theatrical Trailer

I have to say, it is disappointing to see that Gene Davis didn't participate in the extras. Still, I'm glad to see 10 TO MIDNIGHT some love, and if you haven't seen the movie yet, this release looks to be the perfect time to grab a copy.

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