Twisted home invasion thriller Crawlspace scores it's first still

The home invasion sub-genre is pretty hit-or-miss. Personally there's a couple home invasion flicks out there that I'm a huge fan of! Others I could've done without... It's with that in mind that I come here today to tell you all about another home invasion gem that has somehow been flying under our radar.

Originally titled HIDEAWAY, the newly dubbed CRAWLSPACE is coming at us from Vuguru and filmmaker Josh Stolberg, who has most recently co-wrote such classics as PIRANHA 3D and SORORITY ROW. Now he tries his hand at home invasion. I can dig it.

While it seems the film might just now be entering post-production the only sense of a rundown we have for CRAWLSPACE is the following: A killer terrorizing a family living in his foreclosed house. That works. The film stars Steve Weber, Jonathan Silverman, Lori Loughlin (below), Nicole Moore and Sterling Beaumon.

So why am I bringing this shite to you guys today? Well because the flick's first still has just popped up on these here interwebs and we've got our hands on it! Courtesy of Fastcocreate the first CRAWLSPACE still can be found directly above and features some poor woman as she screams for mercy just before getting her head shoved into a garbage disposal. Ah Sunday mornings.

So what do you guys think? Gut reactions on CRAWLSPACE? Spit some bullets below and let us know what you're thinking as we wait for more news from this latest home invasion romp to spill our way.

Extra Tidbit: This has nothing to do with Justin Dix's CRAWLSPACE, which we told you about last year.
Source: Fastcocreate



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