Two cast in New Line's found-footage tornado flick Category Six

Since we happily covered TAKE SHELTER - I'm sure a far better film than this next will prove to be - why not do the same for New Line's found-footage tornado flick CATEGORY SIX. After all, FINAL DESTINATION 5 helmer Steven Quale is lined up to direct. Sounds pretty promising, right?!

Well here we are with the first bit of casting for CATEGORY SIX. Variety has it that Arlen Escarpeta (seen right) has been tapped to play one of six high-school kids who document their attempted survival amid a devastating natural disaster. Arlen must have made quite an impression on Quale, as he also starred in FD5 for the dude just last year. Word is Alycia Debnam-Carey (below) will also star in the movie.

Written by John Swetnam:

Story is presented through video cameras and cell phones and centers on high schoolers who try to survive a Category 6 tornado -- the worst in U.S. history.

Extra Tidbit: You ever lived in or passed through tornado country?
Source: Variety



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