Tye Sheridan's life splits in half in Detour trailer

Detour Christopher Smith Tye Sheridan Emory Cohen Bel Powley

Richard Linklater's breakthrough film SLACKER begins with a character, played by Linklater himself, discussing the theory that whenever you're presented with a decision your life splits off into different realities. Like if you have to choose whether to go right or left and decide to go left, there's an alternate reality where you went right and your life continues on down those different paths in different realities. DETOUR, the latest film from CREEP / SEVERANCE / BLACK DEATH director Christopher Smith, appears to be the psychological thriller version of that concept.

The film stars Tye Sheridan as 

Harper, a seemingly naive law student who obsesses over the idea that his shifty stepfather was involved in the devastating car crash that left his mother hospitalized and comatose. He drowns his suspicions in whiskey until he finds himself suddenly engrossed in conversation with volatile grifter Johnny and his stripper companion, Cherry. As daylight breaks and the haziness of promises made becomes clearer, how will Harper handle the repercussions (not to mention the violent duo - on his doorstep)?

Emory Cohen and Bel Powley co-star.

The newly released trailer for DETOUR can be seen below, and it appears to follow Harper down two possible paths in his life - one where he makes a decision and the other where he sits at home, thinking of what could have been. These two realities are shown in split screen... At least, I think that's what's going on in this trailer.

DETOUR looks to be an intriguing film to mull over, and we'll get our chance to dissect it when Magnet Releasing puts it out in theatres and on VOD on January 20, 2017

Extra Tidbit: Richard Linklater's production company is called Detour Filmproduction. Hmm...



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