Umberto Lenzi's cult classic Ghosthouse is getting a remake

Director Dustin Ferguson (NEMESIS 5) has just announced that he'll be helming an upcoming remake of Umberto Lenzi's (CANNIBAL FEROX) 1988 Italian cult classic GHOSTHOUSE starring New Pinhead, Paul T. Taylor (HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT).

The remake will begin filming this Autumn in Los Angeles with Special F/X by Joe Castro (WISHMASTER 3 & 4) and music by Justin Apone (THE TOOLBOX MURDERS 2). You can check out the film's teaser poster below along and more info on its IndieGoGo campaign page and then make sure to hit us up and let us know what you think in the comments below or on social media!


The remake follows a group of college kids who follow a mysterious broadcast on an old television set to an abandoned (and obviously haunted) house in the woods. Ectoplasm pits, flying objects, ghostly apparitions and the Grim Reaper himself are only a few of the horrors that await them inside!

The remake is directed by Dustin Ferguson from a script by Mike Reeb and Jason Harlow. Ferguson's company SoCal Cinema Studios is Producing and the film stars Paul Taylor with Special F/X by Joe Castro and music by Justin Apone. It begins filming this Autumn in Los Angeles.

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Source: IndieGoGo



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