Uncork'd acquires Brazilian serial killer vs. demon film Our Evil

Our Evil Samuel Galli

I visit Brazil frequently, so I like to keep an eye on what's happening with the horror genre in that country - like when I was able to visit the set of the film THE TRACE WE LEAVE BEHIND a couple years back. Although Brazil is primarily known for its romantic comedies these days, horror is gaining some steam there. One Brazilian genre movie I've really been looking forward to seeing is writer/director Samuel Galli's debut feature OUR EVIL, so I'm really glad to hear that it has found North American distribution.

Uncork'd Entertainment is the company that has picked up the North American rights to OUR EVIL, and they're working with Dark Star Pictures to plan a platform theatrical release in New York and Los Angeles. That will be followed by a VOD release.

Galli's supernatural horror film follows 

Arthur (Ademir Esteves) a former exorcist, who hires Charles (Ricardo Casella), a professional hitman and amateur serial killer, to help him fight a demonic power he believes is coming to destroy his daughter’s soul. 

OUR EVIL has been racking up awards and positive reviews while making the festival rounds, and some companies have expressed interest in producing an English-language remake of the film.

O2 Play will be releasing OUR EVIL in Brazil early next year. Distribution deals have also been made with Matchbox for the U.K. and Ireland, Premiere for Benelux, Almode for German-speaking Europe, Tema for Spain, and Njuta for Scandinavian territories.

Galli produced the film with Tato Siansi and Victor Molin of Kauzare Films. Alief's Miguel Govea and Brett Walker served as executive producers.

The idea of an exorcist hiring a serial killer to help him fight a demon has been fascinating to me ever since I first heard about OUR EVIL, so I'm excited that it's landing distribution around the world.

The trailer below is NSFW:

Source: THR



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