Universal adapting post-apocalyptic novel Arclight

The post-apocalpyse is more popular than ever, especially with today's young adults. Kids just love watching civilization suffer in the aftermath of a startling population-decimating horror, I suppose.

ARCLIGHT is one such book, and although it has not come out yet (it hits shelves in April), this peek at a cut-off population in fear of threatening creatures is already a hot item, having just been scooped up by Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment.

Written by Josin L. McQuein:

The Arclight is the last refuge in a post-apocalyptic world consumed by terrifying monsters called the Fade. No one crosses the wall of light that keeps the last human survivors safe. There's nothing else left and nowhere to go. Or so they thought, until Marina, a lone teenage girl, stumbles out of the Dark.

Marina doesn't remember who she is, where she came from, or how she survived. And the Fade want her back. When one of them infiltrates the compound and recognizes Marina, she begins to unlock secrets she didn't even know she had. Marina knows she's an outsider in the Arclight, but she'll do anything to protect those who saved her. Whether they want her help or not.

Sounds a little rougher than the usual "young adult" fare, which is why we're keeping an eye on it. If it turns out to be ust another BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, however, we're kicking this thing to the curb.

Matthew Sand, who wrote James McTeigue's NINJA ASSASSIN, will pen the screenplay for ARCLIGHT. We'll keep you informed on the film's progress.

Extra Tidbit: Reminds me a little bit of Justin Cronin's THE PASSAGE.
Source: THR



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