Universal digs up Apes scribes Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver to pen Jurassic Park 4

JURASSIC PARK 4. Any chance in hell this sucker avoids CGI?

While I highly doubt it, word from Deadline is RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES scribes Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver have been hired by Universal to pen the screenplay four a 4th JURASSIC PARK picture. Steven Spielberg, who directed the first two films, won't do so here, but will retain producorial credit along with Kathleen Kennedy.

Details end there, but it'll be interesting to see who ends up directing the flick, and how much CG they'll employ. While I'm sure there was a bit in the first flick, the animatronics are really what dropped jaws. The last thing Universal needs to do is go cheap and sully a 4th film with tacky CG and cheap green-screen production. Unfortunately, that's how blockbusters are, more often than not, made these days. Of course, none of the FX matter if the story sucks, so we'll have to go on good faith Jaffa and Silver can nail this sucker.

You think they can? Were you impressed with APES enough to give them the benefit of the doubt? Spit a few rounds below!

JP III star Tea Leoni

Extra Tidbit: You like the hire or what?
Source: Deadline



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