Universal is developing a brand new Alfred Hitchcock anthology series

Welcome to Hitchcock Alfred Universal

Alfred Hitchcock is a film legend, for pretty obvious reasons. Even teens born in 2000 (that's is a real thing, because time is horrifying) would recognize the name of the iconic, prolific director whose works have timeless thrills and chills.

Universal realized they're sitting on a gold mine of Hitchcock history, so they have just made a deal with his estate, Vermillion Entertainment, and Chris Columbus’ 1492 Pictures/Ocean Blue Entertainment to develop an anthology series titled Welcome to Hitchcock.

The series will be

an inspired take on the master filmmaker’s unique brand of storytelling that encompassed such iconic stories as The Birds, Psycho and the popular television series Alfred Hitchcock Presents. The new anthology series will focus on a single season-long mystery or crime in the spirit of the classic Hitchcock style and legacy. It will entertain Hitchcock enthusiasts and entice an entirely new generation of fans.

Hollywood powerhouse Chris Columbus will be directing the pilot of the show, which is being executive produced by Columbus, Michael Barnathan, and Timmy and Todd Thompson, along with the Hitchcock family. They will seek premiere filmmakers to continue the legacy of Hitchcock throughout the series.

There's no tentative premiere date scheduled yet, but fans of Alfred Hitchcock Presents will hopefully be happy to learn that the legacy of that show will live on in the modern age.

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Source: Deadline



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