Universal looks to release Jurassic Park trilogy on Blu-ray later this year

At the beginning of the year, swirling rumors of the JURASSIC PARK trilogy being released on Blu-ray were quite prevalent. At that time, Universal felt no need to respond. However, it now seems the studio will indeed issue the three-part dinosaur skein on Blu-ray later this year. Who's pumped?!?

Confirmation comes via The Digital Bits, which posted this on their site today:

"We can now inform you that Universal here in the States HAS confirmed to us that the Jurassic Park Trilogy is being prepared for Blu-ray Disc release, probably late this year, in time for the holidays."

No street date has been agreed upon, which makes sense since Universal isn't likely to announce the release anytime soon. In fact, the studio probably won't make the news public for at least a few weeks. No worries though folks, an official Blu-ray trilogy IS on the way. Expect to cop that shite just in time for the holidays.

Aside from the original, which are you most looking forward to seeing on the high-def format?

JURASSIC PARK III stunner Tea Leoni!

Extra Tidbit: Spielberg directed the first two JURASSIC PARK flicks, Joe Johnston directed the third.



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