Universal nabs novel manuscript Demonologists, Robert Zemeckis to produce

As commercial as he's become, Bob Zemeckis is a horror-hound at heart...

Deadline reports that Universal just acquired a novel manuscript from Andrew Pyper called DEMONOLOGISTS, a film version of which Zemeckis will co-produce for the studio. He'll do so alongside Jack Rapke and Steve Starkey.

Hitting auction shortly, DEMONOLOGISTS picks up:

When a professor who studies Paradise Lost accepts a free trip to Italy, a demonic spirit appears to kill his daughter, and he must go on a dark journey of discovery in hopes of getting her back.

Sounds like it could be a solid R-rated effort for Zemeckis to lend his two cents to. Of course, that commerciality I mentioned before may sway the producer in him to make a more viewable PG-13 effort, a la THE RITE. No one around here wants to see that, Bob, so if you're reading, get a ballsy foreign director in there and let him go berserk. I promise we'd appreciate it!

More on DEMONOLOGISTS as we hear of it...

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Extra Tidbit: Though he's produced more horror than he's directed, let's not forget Zemeckis' work on "Tales From the Crypt."
Source: Deadline



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