Universal snags that Charlize Theron sci-fi flick Agent 13

You guys remember me telling you about a sci-fi flick in the works called AGENT 13? It would star Charlize Theron and be directed by Rupert Wyatt... Nothing? That was only two days ago people! Ah... yesterday was 4/20 wasn't it? Understandable then.

Anyway AGENT 13 was in the midst of a vicious bidding war and it seems a winner has been determined. According to Variety none other than Universal Pictures has swept in and stole this one!

Theron will be producing the feature along with her Denver and Delilah Prods. partner Beth Kono, A.J. Dix, Sean Daniel Company's Sean Daniel and Jason Brown and Union Entertainment.

Story, which is based on an obscure series of novels from the 1980s by David Marconi and Flint Dille, is said to involve an inter-dimensional border patrol.

While Theron will star in the film she won't be playing the lead character, which is more than likely to stay male in accordance with the comics. Now we sit and wait for the next stage of production on AGENT 13 to get rolling. As soon as that starts happening you'll be the first to know!

Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite Charlize Theron (above) performance?
Source: Variety



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