Universal Soldier 4 gets new title, poster and images!

Thanks to Mr. Dolph Lundgren, we've got some new intel on the upcoming UNIVERSAL SOLDIER film. Dolph is always so helpful... Previously carrying the subtitle A NEW DIMENSION, it looks like somewhere along the line things got switched up, as John Hyams' flick will be referred to as DAY OF RECKONING going forward. It's still in 3D, however; that dimension hasn't changed.

In addition, Lundgren has announced that US:DOR will premiere at the Fantasy Filmfest, which tours Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Cologne & Nuremberg between August 21 - September 13.

Finally, Lundgren posted a new pic from the movie, showing his Andrew Scott giving an impassioned speech to a bevy of soldiers. He added this intriguing caption to the fresh image, which can be peeped below:

"John Hyams had written a very interesting character for me in the 3D version of the "Universal Soldier" franchise, which lured me back from the dead for a second time. Sgt. Scott is the spiritual leader of a new order of government-manipulated soldiers who now are back in control of their minds and heading for world domination. Especially a 5-page sermon to the troops with a 'Marc Anthony/General Patton' feel was a real challenge to rehearse and shoot."

You can check out a few more images from the sci-fi pic below, courtesy of the Fantasy Film Fest site. For info on the festival, click HERE.

Extra Tidbit: How bout Van Damme's bizarre look?!



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