Universal tags Jurassic Park 4 with a summer 2014 release date

The 4th edition of JURASSIC PARK has been given a tourism date. Drum-roll please...

Universal has decided to place JURASSIC PARK 4 in theaters on June 13, 2014. No word yet who will direct or star, but we do know Steven Spielberg will produce in some capacity. We also know the flick will be shot in 3D, and that RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES scribes Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver have completed a script.

Question then becomes, what will Spielberg decide to do. After placing ROBOPOCALYPSE on the back burner for a while, could Spielberg direct JP4 first? Sure he could, but will he? It's not a rarity that he do a popcorn flick after a serious art-house joint...which LINCOLN, up for 12 Academy Awards, certainly is. There's also the fact that the franchise was all but killed when he decided to let another person (Joe Johnson) helm the 3rd entry. Seems a wise, protective move then would be to direct it himself. Then again, GODS AND KINGS is a hot script at WB that Spielberg may opt to direct instead.

Of course, JURASSIC PARK is being re-released in 3D and Imax this April. My guess is how well that does will determine who gets a crack at JP4. But really, is there still an audience for a 3rd sequel to a movie that came out 20 years ago? I kind of feel the shite died with Michael Chrichton. Sad but true.

So mark it up, down, sideways...JURASSIC PARK 4 will open June 13, 2014.

JP star Laura Dern!

Extra Tidbit: You more excited for JP 3D or JP 4?
Source: Variety



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