Universal's SyFy Films takes Rob Letterman's ghost hunter flick Paranormalists

Perhaps SyFy was inspired by Leigh Whannell and Angus Sampson in INSIDIOUS...

Variety is reporting Universal's SyFy Films has scooped up PARANORMALISTS, based on a pitch by MONSTERS VS. ALIENS helmer Rob Letterman. Word is Brian Grazer will produce with SyFy VP Gregory Noveck overseeing.

PARANORMALISTS, which is in the vein of the "Ghost Hunters" reality series, follows two stoners and a tech guy who stumble upon some paranormal activity for the first time.

Sounds like a cheesy good time to me, SyFy style. Never to be taken seriously, the studio has carved a niche of ushering tongue-in-cheek inspirations at low cost. Sounds like PARANORMALISTS will certainly fit the mold.

Perhaps most interesting is the choice of director. This Letterman cat comes from A-list family fare, having done SHARK TALE and GULLIVER'S TRAVELS as well as MONSTERS VS. ALIENS. Not that I'm hating on SyFy, but that does seem like a bit of a fall from grace. Director rehab perhaps...after GULLIVER'S TRAVELS earned a 4.8 IMDB rating and 21% Freshness rating at Rotten Tomatoes. Just saying...

More on PARANORMALISTS as we scare it...

Extra Tidbit: Is INSIDIOUS an apt comparison or is this simply going to be a movie length episode of "Ghost Hunters." Which would you prefer?
Source: Variety



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