Until Dawn gameplay footage featuring Hayden Panetierre

I'm no gamer, but I must say Until Dawn is one of the few recent games that may change that status. The slasher game, which came out last week after almost two years of delays, immerses you in a terrifying scenario where you can play as eight characters who are trapped in a mountain retreat with a masked murderer.

Our own David Oller is a gamer, and he provided us with three videos that give us an idea of how Until Dawn plays out. John describes the game as "the most convincing example of the future of interactive storytelling." You can take that to the bank.

Until Dawn features Hayden Panettiere, Peter Stormare, and Rami Malek and was written in collaboration with written with Larry Fessenden and Graham Reznick.

Eight friends trapped together on a remote mountain retreat, and they aren’t alone.  Gripped by dread, with tensions running high, they must fight through their fear if they all hope to make through the night in one piece.

Play as each of the eight characters and experience fear like you never have before. Every decision you make in your terrifying search for answers could mean the difference between life and death, but for whom?  Your actions alone will decide who survives Until Dawn.

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