Upcoming film presents horror Through the Killers' Eyes

Through the Killers' Eyes Keith Emerson

Horror fans have seen a whole lot of movies about young people being terrorized at isolated cabins over the years, and they're going to see more of that in the new film from writer/director Keith Emerson (the maker of PORN STAR ZOMBIES, not the late musician). However, Emerson is aiming to make his movie stand out from the pack by presenting everything that happens THROUGH THE KILLERS' EYES.

Five vacationers at a remote campsite are stalked through the point of view of their predators.

Kannika Coley, Lacie Nicole James, and Bryan Montague star in the film, which is currently in post-production.

There isn't a whole lot to go on in the trailer, but it looks to have the traditional essential elements in place: the potential victims, females showing skin, a cool location in the wilderness, a scary trip to the outhouse... Well, that last one may not be an essential, but it worked for a couple FRIDAY THE 13TH movies.

There aren't currently any release details available for THROUGH THE KILLERS' EYES, but we'll let you know when the announcements are made.

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