U.S. rights to Norwegian thriller Thale picked up by XLrator Media

Score one for the chicks with tails!

XLrator Media has acquired all U.S. rights to the Norwegian supernatural thriller THALE which screens tonight at the Toronto International Film Festival’s Vanguard section. (Check out the trailer HERE.)

“THALE is a haunting and atmospheric thriller that grips you from the opening scene to the chilling finale,” said Barry Gordon, CEO of XLrator Media. “It once again shows Scandinavia to be a rich wellspring for today’s most compelling and stylish thrillers, from Let the Right One In to Troll Hunter to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and its sequels.”

That's some very high praise, indeed. XLrator will release the film in early 2013.

THALE is the story of a mythical “huldra,” a beautiful, tailed female forest creature, who is discovered in a concealed cellar by two crime scene cleaners. The creature is unable to speak so she can’t explain how she came to be there, but the pieces of the puzzle soon come together. She has been kept down there for decades, for reasons which will soon emerge. Someone is approaching from the outside. They want her back.

The film stars Silje Reinåmo, Jon Sigve Skard, Erlend Nervold, Morten Andresen, Sunniva Lien, Roland Åstrand.

THALE hottie (sans tail) Silje Reinåmo

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