Vampires take over the world in The Immortal Rules, the latest young adult book-to-film

Independent film production company Palomar Pictures (THE KILLER ELITE), today announced that it has optioned BLOOD OF EDEN, the newest series from New York Times bestselling young adult author Julie Kagawa. THE IMMORTAL RULES, the first book in the Blood of Eden series, will be published by Harlequin Teen on April 24, 2012.

The Immortal Rules is set in a future world where humanity, decimated by a deadly virus, exists merely as a food source and slave class to an elite society of vampires. When a young woman, a survivor who dreams of the day humanity will rise up against their supernatural masters, is turned into a vampire, she is forced to choose between becoming what she despises or helping those who would destroy her.

The premise isn't half bad (even though it feels like a loose combination of UNDERWORLD and DAYBREAKERS), but that "young adult" tag is always deadly.

The search for a screenwriter and director now begins.

UNDERWORLD's Kate Beckinsale

Extra Tidbit: Does the fact that THE IMMORTAL RULES is a "young adult" novel immediately turn you off, or are you willing to give it a chance?
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