Vampires Vs. Leprechauns acquired by Inception Media Group, along with Deadlocked

Shame on us for not covering VAMPIRES VS. LEPRECHAUNS before today. We see a lot of mash-up titles around here, and most of them are really lame. (ZOMBIES VS. ROBOTS? Yawn.) But this is a really good one, because who can resist such an epic bout?

The title comes to our attention because it has been acquired by Inception Media Group before a single frame of film has been shot. Same goes for the zombie thriller DEADLOCKED. Both titles were written by Spence Wright and are being produced by UK studio Causeway Pictures. Inception has secured all North American rights to the films, including theatrical, digital, television and home video.

VAMPIRES VS. LEPRECHAUNS goes like this: A secret lies hidden beneath the sleepy village Comhla Breac. Locals find themselves besieged by creatures of the night intent on releasing the evil that lurks in the deep. But do they have to stand alone?

And here's the rundown for DEADLOCKED: When 'Volcanic Ash' turns the residents of Belfast into to frenzied zombie like psychopaths, a group of Bankers find themselves trapped their corporate ivory tower as the epidemic rages.

Check out the Facebook page for VAMPIRES HERE, and the DEADLOCKED Facebook page HERE. We'll certainly keep our peepers peeled for more intel regarding these two curios.

Extra Tidbit: Which project tickles your fancy more? Do I have to ask?
Source: Variety



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