Ira Levin's Broadway thriller Veronica's Room heads to the big screen

The Weinsteins have just landed the rights to bring Ira Levin's VERONICA'S ROOM to the silver screen for the first time. Bob and Harvey Weinstein announced today they have signed on to executive produce, finance, and distribute a big-screen adaptation of author Ira Levin’s (ROSEMARY'S BABY, THE STEPFORD WIVES, DEATHTRAP) 1973 Broadway thriller, VERONICA’S ROOM, produced by The Allegiance Theater’s Daniel Dubiecki (JUNO, UP IN THE AIR) and Lara Alameddine, who originally brought the project to Weinstein’s new moniker, TWC-Dimension.

The dark tale of VERONICA’S ROOM explores the thin line between fantasy and reality. Students Susan and Larry find themselves enticed to an old New England mansion by its caretakers to meet the sole surviving member of the family. They insist that Susan bears a striking resemblance to Veronica, the family member's long-dead sister. They believe her presence will comfort the dementia-afflicted woman and allow her to die in peace. But what begins as a simple errand of mercy quickly spirals into a nightmare cycle of guilt, sacrifice, and murder.

This project is still very much in its early stages so no word on who will be behind the camera or who will be cast, but it sounds like the Weinstein's are aiming to get some of the best involved. “From Rosemary's Baby to Deathtrap, Harvey and I have been admirers of Ira Levin, as he has created some of the greatest thrillers in film history,” commented TWC & Dimension Films’ Co-Chairmen Bob Weinstein. “With Veronica's Room we have discovered a hidden gem that is going to reintroduce Ira’s genius to a new generation. It will also provide a fantastic opportunity for top tier actors and actresses to embody Ira Levin’s fascinating, complicated characters.” The play has been around for quite some time so I'm surprised to see that it took this long to get a film adaptation going. We'll have more on this story as we get it!

Extra Tidbit: Have any of you guys seen the play? Will it make for a good horror flick?



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