Video: Documentary follows Adam Green's Frozen through post-production

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Of everything written and/or directed by Adam Green, it's the HATCHET movies that get almost all of the attention. I love slashers, so I can understand why the HATCHETs are so overwhelmingly popular, as they are highly entertaining bloodbaths... But I would say that Green's best movie is probably his 2010 thriller FROZEN. It may not have Kane Hodder hacking people to pieces, but it is a well-written film, shot in conditions I would not want to be outside in, that puts three characters through a very harrowing experience. 

Starring Shawn Ashmore, Emma Bell, and Kevin Zegers, FROZEN tells the following story: 

As Sunday evening falls, three friends decide to take one last run down the ski slope. Halfway up the mountain their chair lift stops, the lights go out, and the resort closes for the week. They are forgotten on the icy mountain lift and left stranded 50 feet in the air, but the worst is still to come...

When it was released on DVD and Blu-ray in 2010 (copies are available to purchase HERE), FROZEN was accompanied by some cool special features - "4 'making of' documentaries and 2 commentary tracks." That wasn't all of the special features that were put together, though. There was a fifth documentary, directed by Adam Barnick and titled THAWING OUT: FROZEN'S POST PRODUCTION TEAM, that was left off the home video release "due to lack of available space on the disc". For eight years, THAWING OUT went unseen.

Last month, Barnick dug THAWING OUT out of the archives and Green made the decision to put it online for fans to watch for free.

THAWING OUT can be seen on the website of Green's production company ArieScope Productions at THIS LINK, and is also embedded below. If you want to know a bit more about how FROZEN was made, this documentary provides an interesting 14 minute look behind the scenes.

Source: ArieScope



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