Video game Night Trap to get a 25th anniversary release

Night Trap

I can't say I've ever heard of the video game NIGHT TRAP before this announcement, but apparently this Sega/Mega-CD game was quite controversial and impactful when it was released in 1992 - pulled from the market over complaints about its violent, mature content, this was one of the games that ushered in the formation of the Entertainment Software Rating Board. It was given a Mature rating by the ESRB at the time, but times have changed - NIGHT TRAP will be receiving a 25th anniversary release this year, and it has now been rated T for Teen.

Containing over 90 minutes of full motion video sequences, NIGHT TRAP centers on 

a group of young women who are the targets of the Augers, vampiric beings who wish to take the women's blood. The player must switch between various hidden cameras, activating traps that capture the Augers and prevent the women from being harmed.

The game's cast includes the late Dana Plato of Diff'rent Strokes and NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4's Andras Jones.

A trailer for NIGHT TRAP's 25th anniversary release can be seen below and it really makes me want to play this game. This looks like the most cheeseball slasher movie ever made, and it's interactive!

NIGHT TRAP will be available to play on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, including a limited amount of physical copies for the PS4.

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