Published by:
Konami Corporation
Developed by: Rebellion
Release Date: Jan. 31, 2012
Available on: Xbox 360, PS3


INTRO: You're Bryce, and you're a demon slayer of some sort who's always getting killed. Yes, this is a game where the gimmick is that you're well..never dead. You can be reduced to a little head rolling around the floor. You can lose arms and legs and just about any other body part you can think of, but you just keep on ticking. That's pretty much the shtick here, you're the wisecracking demon killer who can put his limbs back on.


Oh, did I ever want to love this game. The idea of plowing through hordes of foes, losing an arm and simply reattaching it is an admittedly fun one. As Bryce, you can tear your own head off and throw it at people. In fact, you have to do that sometimes in order to get to hard to reach places. Anyway, the problem here is that you don't just lose a limb sometimes- you lose them constantly, without fail. You can be about to blast a dude's head off and he'll casually knock your noggin off, sending you sprawling for it. And while your arms and legs will come off too, your head comes off too often. And although you can't die, if your head gets eaten it's game over. And believe me, your head will be eaten. You're going to spend a lot of time rolling around and taking damage trying to get your limbs.

You're bumbling around with the supremely annoying female lead, Arcadia. Having to listen to these characters bantering back and forth gets old really fast. This is really lame and tired stuff. If she dies (she can actually die), you're dead. Don't worry though, she's pretty good. She just feels tacked on for the sole purpose of advancing the game's storyline. As for killing dudes, it can be fun but there isn't enough variety of dudes to kill. Hell, some of the bosses even repeat themselves. With that said, some of them are pretty badass (Sangria was a fun one).

Anyway, the game really just sticks you in a lot of dark areas where you have to kill a bunch of dudes. You kill them, then the doors open and you can leave. You don't get to do a lot otherwise, besides the occasional puzzle which won't really tide you over (and why you can't use the dismemberment gimmick to your advantage during puzles, I'll never know). In terms of killing the foes who surround you, you can indeed shoot them but the best choice would be your sword. It feels good, and it's far more accurate than the ammo weaponry tends to be. So, lock on and swing like mad. If you're lucky, you can cut something in the environment to knock over on the baddies but they'll often knock into stuff themselves. Strange.

Ultimately, the game feels a bit unfinished, and while the idea sounds really fun, the execution isn't there. It's just too repetitive and gets frustrating after an hour or so.

Gameplay: 5.5/10


First of all, the camera is erratic and all over the place. The characters look alright, but the enviroments are bland, dark and repetitive. The animations are glitchy and the destructable environments can be downright comical. It's not an artful game.

Graphics: 5/10


Do you like repetitive, looping heavy metal riffs? Well there are lots of them here. As I mentioned before, the dialogue is going to make you beat your brains out. There are ton of bad puns and really lame jokes about losing limbs. Get ready to groan.

Audio: 4.5/10


This game is just no fun. It can be annoying, it is unquestionably frustrating and doesn't feel complete. The gimmick is a fun one, but it feels cheap and forced. Avoid this one unless it pops up in a ten dollar bin sometime.

Final Score: 5.5/10




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