VIDEO INTERVIEW Cowboys & Aliens star Harrison Ford!

I've been doing this job now for about 11-to-12 years and a few years ago lost the ability to "geek out" around celebrities. They're just people and, sometimes, not very nice people. So it's always best to keep your expectations in check and remain professional. But then you go and meet Harrison Ford...

I had only briefly met Mr. Ford back during the INDIANA JONES 4 tour and didn't get the chance to speak with him. But as COWBOYS & ALIENS came around, I was invited to a ranch in Montana to sit down face-to-face with the legendary actor.

We had met earlier in the day and there was certainly that instant WHOA sensation but once you start talking to him, it's just a lot like talking to your dad (if your Dad was really, really cool). I had been warned that Mr. Ford could be a tough interview but as I went in, he was in a great mood and immediately began busting my balls.

This is just the first of many interviews and reports from Montana that I'll have this week so stay tuned for much more COWBOYS & ALIENS!

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