Video Interview: Eric Bana talks Deliver Us from Evil!

Eric Bana always impresses me. The actor has continued to give strong performances throughout his remarkable career including MUNICH, HANNA, and the recent LONE SURVIVOR. In DELIVER US FROM EVIL, Bana takes on the real life character of NY police officer Ralph Sarchie, a man who deals heavily with supernatural phenomena. We are talking demonic possessions and the like.

When I sat down with the actor, he talked about taking on this darker role. As an actor not associated with horror, it was exciting to see his level of enthusiasm for the project and working with the very talented director Scott Derrickson. He also chimed in on his own fandom of horror. It's always a pleasure to talk to this fine gentleman.

Check out Mr. Eric Bana on July 2nd when DELIVER US FROM EVIL takes possession of a theatre near you.


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