VIDEO INTERVIEW George A. Romero Part 1

I’ve been a fan of George A. Romero since way before I can remember. Thanks to my multiple viewings of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD on late night TV when I was young, I had a number of nightmares. But I also developed an understanding and a love for how Romero could create something so gruesome, yet still full of wit and intelligence. Even in his non-zombie movies, he has made some remarkable films that do more than simply feed one’s hunger for gore.

In this two-part interview with Romero, I got the chance to talk to him about his latest feature, SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD. He was very open and honest about why he makes the movies he does, and how he feels about those saying he should move on. In fact, it is hard not to respect the fact that he is simply making the movies he wants to make. I’ve had the absolute pleasure to talk with George before, but this time was by far the most enlightening. Whether or not you are digging (or hating) his most recent films, you can’t deny that he is one of the most influential horror filmmakers of all time.

SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD opens this Friday, May 28 in limited release. You can also preorder the film on DVD and on Blu-ray or you can check it out on VOD now!

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