VIDEO INTERVIEW: Nicolas Cage & Amber Heard of Drive Angry 3D!

Sometimes Nicolas Cage just rocks! Whether he is sexing the hell out of Laura Dern in WILD AT HEART, or kidnapping babies in RAISING ARIZONA, he has brought a few massively iconic characters to life.

Leave it to Patrick Lussier to bring Cage back with the wild and wooly DRIVE ANGRY (READ ARROW'S REVIEW HERE). This thrilling 3D hell ride features a number of crazy characters, and a couple of heroes worth rooting for thanks to Cage and the lovely and talented Amber Heard.

Recently, we had the chance to sit down with the stars of Drive Angry. They spoke about working together and how much they really dug the script. Both Nic and I agreed whole-heartedly that Amber is super badass in the film. What was really interesting to watch is their natural chemistry, it really is no wonder they work together as well as they do.

So rev up your engines and get yourself out to see Drive Angry opening this Friday! Seriously guys, its blood, naked hotties, massive car chases and very little CGI!

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