We talk graboids, Tremors 7, the franchise with Michael Gross! (Interview)

Michael Gross is a legend! Gross has delighted audiences for the last thirty-plus years from the charming and sweet Mr. Keaton on FAMILY TIES to the against-type bad-ass Burt Gummer in the TREMORS series. With the new entry, TREMORS: SHRIEKER ISLAND (OWN IT HERE), we have an exclusive interview with Mr. Gross himself.

We talk about his storied career with the Graboids, his opinions on CGI vs. practical effects and much, much more!

 The official synopsis for TREMORS: SHRIEKER ISLAND:

Graboids are illegally taken to a new island resort by a rich playboy as a dangerous form of trophy hunting, and Burt Gummer steps up to save the day. 

TREMORS: SHRIEKER ISLAND comes to Bluray and DVD Tuesday, October 20th

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