Video Nasty creator directs night school horror flick Overtime

Reaper Comics 2014’s critically acclaimed horror series, VIDEO NASTY is Britain’s biggest selling independent comic series of all time. Following the success of the series, writer Mario Covone set up his production company, Miracle World Productions. And today we have word that Covone will make his feature film directorial debut helming the new horror movie OVERTIME.

OVERTIME centers on: 

A teacher working late into the night at school, seemingly alone. But a presence is watching him from the shadows. Stalked through the winding corridors and trapped within, a sinister secret holds the key to his survival.

No stranger to political subtext within his work, Covone’s movie, which he has also written, explores the real-world issues of violence in schools, and the dangers of media scaremongering, whilst maintaining a traditional horror backdrop with twists and turns aplenty.


Comics will always be a passion of mine, both reading and creating. But I feel the urge to test my metal in a new medium, one that I’m equally passionate about.

The cast and creative team will be revealed soon, as will the poster artwork, which is being designed by horror industry legend Graham Humphreys. Humphreys also painted the covers for Covone’s Video Nasty comic book run. The film is due to start shooting in January 2019.

I haven't read this VIDEO NASTY comic series myself, but it sounds like just the kind of thing that would be right up my alley as it is described as a "horror comic that deals with the politics behind government censorship and media manipulation, with covers by Video Nasty legend Graham Humphreys! England, 1983. Police Inspector David Gorely must solve a string of murders whilst contending with pressure from his superiors to find a link between the killer and the recent influx of horror home videos. The race is on to solve the case before the death toll rises whilst still dealing with the burden of connecting these heinous crimes to video nasties!"

Again, sounds just like my kind of shite! Let's hope OVERTIME is just as killer.

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