Vincenzo Natali talks Splice 2, Neuromancer and more!

Earlier today, I have the opportunity to sit down and chat with director Vincenzo Natali, who is doing the press rounds for his thriller SPLICE (opening June 4). While the full interview will hit soon, I wanted to share some of what Natali told me regarding his various upcoming projects. Let's get right to it!

On SPLICE 2 (Warning: While I've kept MAJOR spoilers out of it, you can still consider some of the following a minor spoiler regarding SPLICE. I haven't included any specific details, however.): "In all honesty, I knew that with that ending, it would seem like we were setting up a sequel, but that was never my intention. It just seemed like the right way to end the story. Certainly when we finished the film, I didn't even know if it would be distributed, let alone have a sequel. But now, it has to be considered, because if the film is successful, then they probably would want to do a sequel..."

"I have some thoughts about it... I could see it evolving into something interesting. I've been thinking about it a little bit. At the same time, it just seems like bad karma to consider these things, so we'll just wait and see how it performs."

On the very recently announced NEUROMANCER: "It's almost like the internet knew before I knew. It's so crazy. In fact, it's so new, it's not one hundred percent final, but based on all the parties, I think it's highly likely. I'm incredibly excited, because in my mind it's one of the great works of science-fiction literature."

"One of the avenues we might go down is to make it as an independent film. So being Canadian has its advantages in terms of that financial structure. And let's face it, in Canada, there aren't a lot of directors who do this sort of thing, so I'm very lucky that way. I had a really great discussion with William Gibson about a week ago, and he was really enthusiastic about my involvement, which was very important to me. So it's great, it's very exciting. I think it could be an amazing film."

On the adaptation of J.G. Ballard's HIGH RISE: "I was working on High Rise the same time I was working on Splice. Splice happened to go first; the fact that it exists I'm almost certain will help High Rise. They shouldn't be mutually exclusive, they all help each other... Usually these things help each other, these disparate projects work in tandem."

On the more family-friendly TUNNELS: "I come from the Star Wars generation. I'm a child of George Lucas, for better or worse. That film was almost like a religious experience for me, so I've always wanted to do a fantasy epic - although I don't think I'd define this as fantasy in the strictest sense, but it's a real adventure. It's a big canvas, a whole world that I can invent."

"The people who are behind it, Relativity, are incredibly enthusiastic, but you just don't know. It's such a hard time right now."

To put it all in perspective, Natali isn't entirely sure which of these will be his next film (although I get the sense that NEUROMANCER is the one he hopes gets fast-tracked). A lot will be riding on SPLICE's opening weekend, as is the way of the Hollywood world, so keep your eyes peeled for more news regarding Natali's immediate future, as it might be determined in the next few weeks.

Extra Tidbit: Natali spoke with me for about 20 minutes, so be sure to check back for the entire interview real soon!
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