Vinessa Shaw experiences Clinical horrors in Netflix original

Clinical Vinessa Shaw Alistair Legrand

This Friday is a Friday the 13th, and Netflix is marking the occasion by releasing a new horror film, director Alistair Legrand's CLINICAL, onto their streaming service.

THE HILLS HAVE EYES remake stars Vinessa Shaw and Aaron Stanford reunite in the film, which was scripted by Legrand and Luke Harvis. Shaw takes the lead, playing

a psychologist whose horrifying encounter with a disturbed young patient continues to haunt her — causing her to question her own sanity as her visions of the past become increasingly more visceral.

Shaw and Stanford are joined in the cast by William Atherton and Wilmer Calderon.

The trailer for CLINICAL can be seen below, and things start off in a way that's reminiscent of THE SIXTH SENSE. Here's hoping that the twists and turns the story takes from that point will keep viewers from predicting the ending, because this does look like a decent movie overall.

CLINICAL will be available for viewing on Netflix as of January 13th.

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